Welcome to HQ Media Productions

Who We Are?

"Canadian in principal.
Global in potential."

We are a proud local Canadian media company with n international experience and potential. Our highly qualified team has literally an experience working around the globe with all kinds of international clients, demands and cultures. We are always aiming to provide a high quality of work with reasonable and affordable prices to all types of business.

Why Canada?

We chose Canada not just because it's home, but it's also the home that millions of people from everywhere on this planet chose to make home. It's amazing diversity and multicultural environment is a perfect place to utilize our experience to provide service for both local and international clients. Canada is also a very safe and stable place that is perfect for all types of business, especially creatine related businesses.

To have a better idea of what we do, please watch the promo video on the top of this page to get a better idea.

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Our Core Team

While we DO have a great team here in Canada and around the world who work behind the scenes our core team in Canada is made of these two Canadian visionaries.

Hisham Qaddoumi, Founder / Filmmaker

Coming from an I.T. background yet carrying a degree in Music. Been passionate about film and movies since he was a little child watching them on the small and big screen, since when he decided he will make these films when he grows up.

A passionate photographer, TEDx Speaker and love to get inspiration for technology from films and utilize latest tech in making them.


Jim Pagiamtzis, Media Strategist / Partner

Jim Pagiamtzis has 10 years experience in various marketing and business development positions within North American leading brands in B2B and B2C brands such as Constant Contact, MEGAComfort, Digital Marketing company (Mike Agency part of Wish Group of Companies, Society of Internet Professionals Not-for-Profit) and recruiting.

In highly and dynamic and competitive sales economy, Jim has had great success connected and making business results. Through strong communication skills, from asking the right questions leads to right answers. Creating long-term clients has been Jim Pagiamtzis signature style for many years.

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Major Clients / Events

We have a great variety of clients all over the map, yet, here are some of the most recent clients we have:

Collision Conference

Blockchain Futurist Conference

Global Cloud & Blockchain Summit

Untraceable Media

Marigold PR

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Contact Us

We are currently in the process of switching and moving locations yet we really would like to hear from you, and since this is the Internet, you can always reach out by dropping us a line here. Please, do not hesitate to reach out and tell us what you need or simply what you think.

Social Media

We are also on social media where you can actually reach out to us there:

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